Missionaries who come home early for this reason ought to be treated with love, respect, and understanding. Also, their families should be given love and support. Coming home early because of family troubles is extremely difficult and heartbreaking. No doubt much thought and prayer was given to whether or not your return home would be best for your family.

In Mormon Culture, we have an attitude about our families being blessed while their missionary serves far away from home—note that I say an attitude. Families are blessed when their missionary serves and they can expect those blessings. But our attitude towards this blessing doesn’t give any wiggle room for those who come home early to help their family or to be with dying family members. We do not know the internal struggle that the missionary faced or the toll their family’s struggle took on their mental health in the field. Whether the decision was made prayerfully or rashly, it is not our place to judge. The decision is between the missionary, his or her family, and the Lord. We are expected to be kind.

If you came home early for these reasons, our heart goes out to you. We hope you will go forward with the decisions that face you prayerfully. Know that your Father in Heaven loves you and is watching over you. Seek Him out always and you will know the correct steps for how to help your family and yourself.  In the meantime, welcome home.

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